Under Wraps (2014)

Parents need to know that Under Wraps is an animated comedy for kids of all ages who clearly understand the difference between real jeopardy and cartoon jeopardy. Even the “scariest” sequences (a giant mummy monster roaring and baring his teeth) are meant to be funny. Hands and legs fall from the bodies of the hero’s parents, who have been mummified; the body parts are quickly restored, only to drop again moments later. Humor also is derived from some of the mild name-calling and potty language (“Icky McWeirdo,” “nerdling,” “chicken poop,” “rat patootie”), with some typical brother-sister insult banter. It’s a straight-line story that’s easy to follow and introduces a few archeological terms and methods. Messages about listening to parents, “real” life versus electronically connected life, and placing blame are included unobtrusively. With its mummies, curses, tombs, and pratfall spookiness, it’s intended for Halloween viewing.

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