Talespin – The Balooest of the Blue Bloods

In this next related spin-off to The Jungle Book. Baloo the Bear stars in an adventurous comedy of love, fights, situations and exciting adventures with his life along with a new friend named Kit Cloudkicker. The two spend so much time with each other, Kit always calls Baloo his papa bear because he loves him as his father. With that you Rebecca Cunninghams and her daughter Molly Cunninghams who can get involved in many adventures if Baloo screws up a mission or a plan, that makes Becky very mad at him and frustrated at him. Baloo has a lot of enemies in his life in this series, one of the biggest is actually Don Karnage and his pilots. Whenever Karnage has an evil plan he tries to make sure it works, if it fails he would usually turn on kidnapping someone for hostage. Another main enemy is truly Shere Kahn. He may not be bad at the other episodes of the series, but in the movie The Jungle Book he was the enemy of Baloo.

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